My Latest Posts

  • Dreamforce 22 Fun Calendar
    DF22 calendar of fun events for hanging with ohana IRL in San Francisco
  • Salesforce Events 2022
    If you're interested in the Salesforce Events of 2022 find them here. Community, Partner, and Salesforce run all in one place!
  • Salesforce CRM CMS
    We've talked CMS Connect, Native CMS, now hear all about Salesforce CRM CMS and the wins you get using it in your community!
  • These Women Love Salesforce — and Have Tattoos to Prove It
    In 2017 my Ohana, Lauren Dunn, was visiting Seattle from Ireland, and what else would we do besides get Salesforce Tattoos!
  • Slack Resources
    Interested in Slack? This is your opportunity to dive in! you'll find a Slack resources doc with ways to collaborate in this post.
  • Native CMS
    Out of the box you you have 3 types of CMS, native CMS is one of those 3. Learn all about it from how to create articles, use cases, and why use Native CMS.
  • Login Flow Deployment
    Update for Login Flow Deployments with Spring 21 and their new availability in the metadata API making them deployable!
  • Mass Create Community Users
    Learn all about Mass Community User creation in this post, with everything from mappings to links to the User Template to Welcome email send.
  • Talkin’ Bout Stages in Flow
    All about the Stage Variable within flows and how to use it so that you can have that fancy shmacy path at the top of your screens - and guess what, it's a single little lightning component that gets to be re-used and for the flow side, everything is declarative!