My Latest Posts

  • Salesforce Events 2023
    The list is back for year 6! that’s right, Community Events, Salesforce events, big Partner events, track them all in ONE PLACE!
  • Dreamforce 22 Fun Calendar
    DF22 calendar of fun events for hanging with ohana IRL in San Francisco
  • Salesforce Events 2022
    If you're interested in the Salesforce Events of 2022 find them here. Community, Partner, and Salesforce run all in one place!
  • Salesforce CRM CMS
    We've talked CMS Connect, Native CMS, now hear all about Salesforce CRM CMS and the wins you get using it in your community!
  • These Women Love Salesforce — and Have Tattoos to Prove It
    In 2017 my Ohana, Lauren Dunn, was visiting Seattle from Ireland, and what else would we do besides get Salesforce Tattoos!
  • Slack Resources
    Interested in Slack? This is your opportunity to dive in! you'll find a Slack resources doc with ways to collaborate in this post.
  • Native CMS
    Out of the box you you have 3 types of CMS, native CMS is one of those 3. Learn all about it from how to create articles, use cases, and why use Native CMS.
  • Login Flow Deployment
    Update for Login Flow Deployments with Spring 21 and their new availability in the metadata API making them deployable!
  • Mass Create Community Users
    Learn all about Mass Community User creation in this post, with everything from mappings to links to the User Template to Welcome email send.