May 4, 2017

Admin Royal Rumble @ Apttus Accelerate 2017

The Ultimate Admin Royal Rumble

Let me set the mood for you. We are in San Francisco, the building is 10 million and 17 degrees, the stage is dark, everyone is quiet….

OK, fine, maybe it was only 5000 degrees and the rest is a little bit exaggerated, but it was still awesome.


Yesterday I was in SF for the annual Apttus Accelerate Summit. One of the sessions is the Salesforce Admin Royal Rumble, what is a Royal Rumble you ask? Excellent question! The Royal Rumble was pretty much a “hack battle” between 4 of us, (totally wish our 4th was available, but sadly it was just us 3).

The Competitors


First up we have the defending champion, Salesforce MVP, and good friend of mine, Adam Olshansky. Adam is a totally awesome guy and Salesforce superstar, I mean just look at the dude’s Twitter pic, with all those certs, there is barely room for him!


Then there was Gaurav Kheterpal, yet another Salesforce MVP and this guy not only knows his stuff, but he’s funny too. This was my first time meeting Gaurav, and I definitely look forward to meeting him again.

The little ol’ me….

I had a challenge ahead of me.

Rather than sitting down right away to think of my hack when I was selected, the very first thing I did was jump on Twitter to let my friend and opponent know that I plan to take him down and so begins the trash talk with great one liners from classics like, “You Got Served”


And OSRUI Summer Camp:


Hack 1

Rather than just pick 2 of the coolest hacks I read about lately, I thought about which tricks/hacks I share with my team the most frequently. That’s where I got the Idea for my first hack, Global Variables. Every couple weeks someone asks about how to make records show in a view based on the current user, so that’s where the $User values are so so helpful for a Salesforce Admin.

I used the example I have in my “Create a Dynamic My Requests View” post, along with another example for a custom “My Accounts” view that works on both the standard and a custom Account Owner field, specifically for Account Managers.

Hack 2

My second hack is actually a hack I like using in my orgs, where you manage the ability to bypass validation rules with a hierarchy custom setting. (Post scheduled for May 5, 10 AM PT)

I had a lot of fun participating in the Royal Rumble, the competition was tough, both Adam and Gaurav showed off some sweet Salesforce knowledge and skillz for their hacks, and I can’t wait to do it again!


It was a great day in SF with some awesome people. If you have the chance, check out the videos to learn some cool tips and tricks, even a few used at Dunder Mifflin…

And by the way, if you are curious about whether or not Adam was able to keep his title, let’s just say there is a new Admin Royal Rumble Champion, and WIT has taken over these shenanigans. BOOM!


Me With our fantabulous MC, Aaron Farley Head of Global Enablement at Apttus


The Previous and New Champion, Besties.

Deck & Video

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Pritam Shekhawat
May 5, 2017 at 3:19 am

Wow !! Congrats @Meighan 🙂

Meighan Brodkey
May 5, 2017 at 3:22 am

Thanks Pritam! I wish you could have been there, I missed my Ohana that didn’t make it.


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