February 2, 2018

Google Search Hacks

Google Search

So we all know that Google search is awesome. The algorithm behind their search engine is fantastic! but did you know there are hacks to make your search more efficient?聽 Well there are! Check out these cool tricks to make your search results more relevant to what you are searching for.

Basic Hacks

Exact Term

To search an exact term, put quotes around your text.

Search "Meighan Brodkey"

Exclude a Word/Term

To exclude a word from your search, put a minus sign in front of it, to exclude an exact term, put quotes around the term with the minus sign in front of it.

Google Search "Meighan Brodkey" -twitter

Search Within a Site

To search within a specific site, enter in the search box.聽 Great use case for this is when you want to search the Salesforce sites, either or Your search results will only come from the site you are searching.聽 I’ve really struggled with the Salesforce search, but with google, I can find what I’m looking for easily, 98% of the time.

Google Search: CMS Connect


If you don’t know the term that comes next in the phrase you are searching for, you can add an asterisk and it works like a Wildcard for you.

Google Search: Named Account * Implementation salesforce


Use operators like AND and OR with your search phrase to help narrow down your results

Search Similar

If you want to find a site similar to a site you have seen, you can find those similar sites by using Sites that have similar content will show up.

Find Links to a Page

If you want to find out how many sites link to a page, you can do that too! Search for and find all the pages that link to that specific page.聽 Pretty snazzy!

Google Search:

Search only Titles

Want to narrow your search results to only search the titles on pages? You can do that with intitle:text.

All Text on the Page

If you want to search for all terms in your search text in the body of a page inalltext:search terms here.

Words in URL

Find pages with the search term in the URL, allinURL:

Words in Anchor

If you use the allinanchor:keyword, your search results are pages with all the terms in your search in the anchor of the page.

Search a Type of File

Looking for a specific file type? You can do that too! enter what you are looking for and filetype:suffix to find pages with files of that type with the search terms you are looking for.聽 Mix and match with the other search hacks to narrow down your results.

Google Search: salesforce "lightning communities" filetype:pdf

Find Website Info

Enter info:URL and find the website info for the site you enter the URL for.聽 Great when you need to cite something you found online.


Not everything in google is just searching for Salesforce stuff, If you’re like me, you use Google for everything. It’s my go to site for whatever I do when I need to find things and when I need to use tools. Here are some other ways you can use Google.

World Clock

Enter time followed by where you want the time for and google will show you what time it is there.

Google Search: Time in Dublin

Tip Calculator

Enter Tip Calculator into your search bar and you’ll get a full on tip calculator! Great when you need to figure out how much to leave for that fantabulous waiter/waitress that you had.

Google Search: Tip Calculator


Convert your USD to Euros, your Feet to Meters, Pounds to Ounces, or whatever!! Google is great for quick conversions that let you share your measurements with the Ohana worldwide, or when you are traveling, to see if that dress is really worth the amount on the tag in your currency.

Solve Math Problems

Solve easy or complex math problems with Google.聽 Just remember * is used to multiply and / is used to divide.

Translate Text

You can translate with google easy peasy, just enter the text you need to translate with translate to and the language you want to translate it to.聽 Viola! You’ll have your translation.

Search Newspaper Archives


Dictionaries are so 1995, just enter the word you want the definition of into google and it will tell you everything you need to know.

Google Search: Community Definition

Find Your IP Address

Just enter What’s my IP Address into Google and it will tell you your public IP address

Search Near By

What to know what’s in your area? Google can help you with that! Search for whatever you are trying to find followed by ‘near me’ to see what is in your local area.

Track a Package

If you enter your UPS or FedEx tracking number into the search, you can track your packages

Flight Schedules

Enter your flight number and the airline and find out about your flights


Enter “Set a timer for X minutes” and google will set a timer for you. Just don’t close the window or you’ll lose the timer. You can toggle to the stopwatch or just enter ‘Stopwatch’ into your google search bar for the stopwatch.

Google Search: Timer & Stopwatch

Sunrise/Sunset time

Enter your city and then Sunrise or Sunset and find out what the exact time of the sunrise or sunset is


Enter a zip code or city and the weather and google will tell you what the weather is for the location.

Google Search: 98119 Weather

TV Schedule

Enter the name of your show followed by the word episodes and find out what episodes are out and coming out and their air date.

Movie Release & Times

if you want to find out when a movie will be released, enter the name of the movie. If it’s already out, you’ll see when it’s playing near you. As you can see from the search results, you don’t need to be exact in your title

Google Search 12 Strong Times

Songs by a Band

Find all the songs by your favorite band by searching for the band name followed by songs.

Google Search Results: Social Distortion Songs

Books by an Author

Want to know what books your favorite author has out? Find them by searching for books my their name

Google Search Results: Books by Rakesh Gupta

Movies an Actor is In

See what movies an actor is in by searching for their name and movies.聽 So easy…

Google Search: Nicole Kidman Movies

Do a Barrel Roll

If you tell google to do a barrel roll, it will! Watch the results rollover right before your eyes, like magic!


If you type tilt into google, it tilts just a little bit to the right

Play PacMan

Just type in PacMan and you’ll have the option to play the game!

Google Search: PacMan

Zerg Rush

Check out the 0s falling from the sky as they land on your results and push them down by entering Zerg Rush

Etymology of Words

Put etymology after the word you are searching for to see a chart of the etymology.

Calories in Foods

Find out how many calories are in a food by simply entering calories in then the name of the food.

Google Search: calories in campbell's chunky savory vegetable soup

Retro Google

Want to go back to when it was a simpler time for Googling? Easy peasy, enter Google in 1998 in your search bar and viola, you have retro Google!

Retro Google

Public Data for Any Location

You can search for public data about anywhere by entering the statistic you want to find and the place you want to find it for.

Search a Numerical Range

Separate numbers by two periods and you’ll see results that fall within that range.

Cache Copy of Site

If your site is blocked or no longer available, or maybe they changed the page, you can find your cached version by searching for聽鈥渃ache:website address鈥.聽 It’s pretty cool when you KNOW you saw something on that page before. FYI if you cleared your cache, you can’t see the cached version.


So those are just a few tricks with Google Search.聽 There are so many more out there, hopefully at least one of these was new to you and lets you use Google in a new, more efficient way.聽 Do you have any Google Search hacks that you use that aren’t listed? If so, please add your hack to the comments to share with others so we can all benefit from the awesomeness that is Google.

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