Tracking Competitors

How are you tracking your competitors in Salesforce? Are you? If you aren’t, you need to. Not you should, you must. If you already are tracking competitors by opportunity, is it working for you? Are you getting the value you want? If not, it is time for a change. If it isn’t working now, it […]

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Tools & Tricks with Extensions & HotKeys for a Bit o’ Magic in your Toolkit

Sometimes, there are just too many clicks to get where you need to go, and the last thing you need is more stress.  You’re an admin, you love your job, but a lot of people depend on you and there is a lot you need to get done and never enough time to do it.  That’s why you need […]

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Field Break-ups

Are you two just not working out? Has he been lying to you with bad data? Or have you just out grown each other? No matter what the reason, things have to end. It’s ok, not all fields are meant to be in Salesforce forever. Don’t rip that bandaid just yet through, these things take time.

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Jumping on the Clean up Bandwagon

Clean up

“Clean up, clean up, every Admin everywhere clean up, clean up every Admin do your share…” OK, enough chanting of songs by purple dinosaurs.  So everyone is talking about cleaning the org for a fresh start to 2015, but I don’t feel like we are really digging into the horrible mess a mature org, or […]

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