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DF18: DemoJam Custom Themes Community Cloud

With the Summer ’18 release we launched pre-built themes – built by our own UX teams at Salesforce. Now, we are allowing you to build your own custom themes, package them up, and share and re-use them internally as well as sharing them across the entire Salesforce ecosystem. To celebrate, we’re hosting a DemoJam where our Trailblazers will showcase their work, and the winner will be declared for the sharpest, coolest, and most beautiful theme.

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DF18: Deliver Personalized Content with CMS and Audience Targeting on Community Cloud

Learn how easy it is to seamlessly integrate your Content Management System (CMS) into Lightning Communities with CMS Connect. Introducing our Native Content Management Solution, you can start creating and managing your content in Salesforce to serve CRM-powered personalization to your users.

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DF18: Decoding Developers

The worlds of Salesforce Admins and Developers intertwine closely, but working with Salesforce Developers can be challenging for declarative Admins. Join us to learn how three Salesforce Women In Technology (WIT) experts bridged this gap and leveled up their careers to become an Admineloper, Developer, and Technical Architect. You’ll walk away with best practices for communicating with developers, as well as the direction you’ll need to dramatically expand your career opportunities.

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Automation Hour: October 2018

Join me for the next #AutomationHour tomorrow, 10/19 at Noon PT/ 3 ET, when I return to guest present some automation goodness talkin’ ’bout #flow and flow #LightningComponents! Can’t wait to see you there! 

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Force Academy LA 2018: Build a Lightning Community in a Flash

Hands on session reviewing how to build a Lightning Community.  Starting with enabling communities, the community builder, community workspaces, setting up a custom domain and Google Analytics.

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Tahoe Dreamin' 2018: It Simply Works Until it Doesn't

Salesforce empowers non-programmers to become App Builders and declarative developers in ways that administrators could only dream of before Flow and Process Builder had been introduced. With great powers comes great responsibility, and just because you actually could click a sweet process straight in production doesn’t mean that you should do so. 

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Automation Hour: December 2017

See how you can create custom roll-up summaries with process builder and flow, for use with lookup relationships and parent child relationships on the same object. You can automation your roll-ups without a developer, totally declaratively.

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Dreamforce 2017: Secrets from Admins to Level-Up Your Developer Career

What happens when an Admin, an “Admineloper” and a Salesforce Developer discuss what really matters to them? Three devoted Salesforce pros share their experiences and offer golden tips for developers that would take months (or even years) of experience to learn.

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Surf Force 2017: Getting Started with Lightning Templates

Overview of what the Lightning Community Templates are, how they are accessed and the differences between Customer Service vs Partner Central templates. Review of the OOTB Components that are available in builder. 

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World Tour Chicago 2017: Intro to Lightning Communities

Give us a brief description of the work you’ve meticulously created.

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Apttus Summit 2017: Admin Royal Rumble

The Admin Royal Rumble is a Hack Battle at the Apttus Summit. Three of us competed, we had 2 hacks each that we demoed for the audience.  They watched and voted for the winner.  The Competitors were the 2016 Champion Adam Olshansky, Guarev Kheterpal, and myself, Meighan Brodkey.  

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Automation Hour: December 2016

See how you can auto-add users to Chatter Groups when edited or created using clicks not code.  Using a List Custom Setting, a Flow, and a Process, you can automation the creation of Chatter Group members for your internal and external Users as an admin, without a developer.

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