It Simply Works... Until it Breaks

Tahoe Dreamin’

January 19, 2018

It Simply Works Until It Breaks

It Simply Works... Until it Doesn't

At Tahoe Dreamin 2018, Daniel Stange and I, Meighan Brodkey, Presented on the Admin track. Salesforce empowers non-programmers to become App Builders and declarative developers in ways that administrators could only dream of before Visual Workflow and Process Builder had been introduced. Consequently, with great powers comes great responsibility. Just because you can click a sweet process straight in production doesn’t mean that you should do so. Meighan and Daniel present patterns for building your apps not just faster, but also better, more sustainably, and more robust.

The Presenters

Meighan Brodkey 2017
Meighan Brodkey

Meighan is a technical architect and the leader of the Seattle Women in Tech User Group leader. With over 300 Trailhead badges, Meighan is continuously working on increasing her Salesforce knowledge and helping others do so as well. She has spoken around the world about Salesforce. Her presentations include Dreamforce 17, Surf Force 17, and the Chicago World Tour. Sharing her love of the platform with the Ohana is her passion. Over the past decade Meighan has gone from admin to architect, thanks in part to all of the knowledge shared by and help from other members of the community. She gives back to the community via Twitter, the Trailblazer Community and her blog.

Twitter: @meighanSF

Daniel Stange

Daniel is a 14x certified Salesforce professional (and 260 badges Trailhead Ranger) working as Technical Architect for die.interaktiven (, a gold-level SI partner in Germany. He’s a co-leader of the Frankfurt Salesforce User Group and a frequent speaker at Salesforce community events. Daniel is working on the Salesforce platform since 2014. He has a strong focus on DevOps, APIs and integration topics, Salesforce core technologies and the Einstein platform.

Twitter: @stangomat


Tahoe Dreamin'

The session post on the Tahoe Dreamin’ website

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The slide deck

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Daniel's Blog Post

This is #1 in a series of five blog posts, covering the high level principles that we were advising you to adopt for your declarative development lifecycle.

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Meighan's Blog Post

Coming Soon!

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