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Running your org isn’t easy, but with the right tools in your toolkit (or utility belt), you can streamline your process and shine like the #AwesomeAdmin you are.  Here you will find apps, extensions, add-ins, generators, and other tools to  help you do just that, increase productivity, automate workflow, and simplify tasks associated with org management.



Octopus is an amazing Salesforce app for documentation. One click and you have your workflow rules, actions, validation rules, fields with picklist values, and more. Read this post to find out the features and example use cases.

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Conga Composer is a great app to help you automate the creation do documents with your Salesforce data, things like quotes, invoices, etc, shortening your sales cycle and decreasing errors.

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Object Metadata

The Object Metadata Snapshot is a great, free way to start documenting your org. Learn what it does, how to use it, the pros & cons in this post.

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I love this guy, Etherios EasyDescribe is a must have when it comes to documentation.

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Salesforce Inspector

I love, love, love it! I love the Salesforce Inspector, I use it multiple times a day every single day, you can find the field requirements, field type, API names, export data, import data, and more!

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Diigo is the best idea since popcorn. What it does: According to the Diigo “About” page: “Diigo is a multi-tool for personal knowledge management dramatically improve your workflow and productivity easy and intuitive, yet versatile and powerful.” Which is true, but it does not give Diigo enough credit

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LoginAs is my best friend throughout the day. It save me clicks & frustration. I don’t like going to find a user to login as them, even if I just search with the global search, LoginAs lets me select the user I want to LoginAs, debug, or both, from any page in SF. It’s fab.

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Salesforce Advanced Code Searcher

Sometimes you know the Apex Class or Visualforce page you need to go to, but to get there, ugg, Click Setup, Click Develop, Click Apex Classes, Letter S, Next Page, Next Page, Next Page, AHHH. Freakin’ can drive a dev or admin nuts, seriously.

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The ORGanizer, if you only have one extension, make it this one. the ORGanizer has so many awesome features and so much functionality, it’s hard to decide where to start, but the extension is called the best Salesforce Extension EVER for a reason. 

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Tools For All

Tools for everyone, Admins, Devs, Architects, and all

Tools & Tricks with Extensions & HotKeys for a Bit o’ Magic in your Toolkit

Sometimes, there are just too many clicks to get where you need to go, and the last thing you need is more stress.  You love your job, but a lot of people depend on you and there is a lot you need to get done and never enough time to do it.  That’s why you need to have as many tools and tricks as you can in your bag, and hotkeys and extensions are little tools that make a big difference.

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Google Search Hacks

So we all know that Google search is awesome. The algorithm behind their search engine is fantastic! but did you know there are hacks to make your search more efficient?  Well there are! Check out these cool tricks to make your search results more relevant to what you are searching for.

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SalesforceOhana Slack

Join the SalesforceOhana Slack team for real time answers to your Salesforce questions from Admins and & Devs 24/7

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How to Install The IDE

Use the directions below to learn how to install and setup the IDE. Written for #AwesomeAdmin. 

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How to Install MavensMate

Use the directions below to learn how to install and setup MavensMate. Once you follow the steps below you will be up and running! Written with #AwesomeAdmin in mind!

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How to Install The HaoIDE

Use the directions below to learn how to install and setup the Haoide. Once you follow the steps below you will be up and running!

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