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Running your org isn’t easy, but with the right tools in your toolkit (or utility belt), you can streamline your process and shine like the #AwesomeAdmin you are.  Here you will find apps, extensions, add-ins, generators, and other tools to  help you do just that, increase productivity, automate workflow, and simplify tasks associated with org management.

This page lists the Salesforce Apps that I have reviewed and written about that are recommended for your Toolkit. Some are to streamline the administration of your org focused on the backend of Salesforce, others are for use by end users, managed by the administrator, to fill in for functionality that is needed across industries. Hope they help you out!

Apps List


Octopus is an amazing Salesforce app for documentation. One click and you have your workflow rules, actions, validation rules, fields with picklist values, and more. Read this post to find out the features and example use cases.

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Object Metadata

The Object Metadata Snapshot is a great, free way to start documenting your org. You can store your data in a custom object, allowing for easy access to and analysis of the metadata of your org.  Learn what it does, how to use it, the pros & cons in this post.

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I love this guy, Etherios EasyDescribe is a must have when it comes to documentation. With Etherios you are able to easily document your org, and export for each object, the fields, record types, and more nice, neatly into Excel.  Find out more!

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Conga Composer is a great app to help you automate the creation do documents with your Salesforce data, things like quotes, invoices, etc, shortening your sales cycle and decreasing errors. Not only is it an amazing app, but a great company that really cares about the success of their customers. A great bonus for busy admin.

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